Learn From The Locals

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is doing well, staying home and healthy.

Firstly, I apologise for being extremely irregular with my posts, I’m struggling with ideas for my posts. However, I’m working on this problem. As I have discussed in my earlier posts, keeping oneself busy during quarantine is tough. Procrastination and endless naps get the better of us, unfortunately. So, let’s use this time to learn more about our world. You all may be aware of how much I post content on Iceland, but something is better than nothing, am I right?

Coming back, yesterday I received an email from Inspired by Iceland regarding a few webinars that are going to be hosted in the coming weeks.

They are launching a series of live webinars to educate and expand the knowledge of travelers. Focusing on Iceland’s six fascinating regions, these webinars will take a deep dive into each of the regions’ history, culture, experiences, and topography as well as accessibility for those visiting.

Each webinar contains a general introduction to the specific region followed by an overview of their hot spots and USPs, updates on new developments in the area, selling tips, helpful tools, and more.

How to join: Join each webinar with the links provided below, which will either take you to a video or live webinar on Microsoft Teams. 

Once you click on the link, you will be directed to page that will look like this:

You can click on ‘watch on the web instead’ after which you will be directed to this page:

Click on ‘join anonymously’ and you will be able to attend the webinar/ watch the video.


Isolation has preserved the region in relatively unspoiled wilderness. Largely uninhabited, Iceland’s Westfjords are frequently distinguished by travel guides as a destination of excellence.


The North of Iceland truly is a land of contrasts. Its long valleys and peninsulas are interspersed with mountains, lava fields and smooth hills carved out by rivers.

The first few minutes of this video are a must watch!


The peninsula, with its diversity of volcanic and geothermal activity, is well suited to be a Geopark as it is the only place in the world where the Mid-Atlantic Ridge is visible above sea level.
Time and Day: Tuesday May 26, 2pm BSTWatch here


West Iceland is a world where culture, nature and history complement each other, creating a unique experience. This vast area consists of fjords, valleys, craters, glaciers and volcanoes.
Time and Day: Thursday May 28, 2pm BSTWatch here


From wonderful waterfalls, to great glaciers, South Iceland is brimming with natural with new wonders unfolding at every turn. 

Time and Day: Tuesday June 2, 2pm BSTWatch here


East Iceland is home to the country’s largest forest, lush farmlands, and a range of small fjords and seaside communities. 
Time and Day: Thursday June 4, 2 pm BST.
Watch here


Reykjavík is a city of bold contrasts: it is both cosmopolitan and small-town; vibrant and sophisticated; young-at-heart and yet full of history. 
Time and Day: Thursday June 11, 2pm BST.
Watch here

If you do attend any of these webinars, I hope you enjoy them and get to learn a bit more about Iceland! Thank you so much for reading! Stay safe, stay healthy, and most importantly stay home!

Keep trotting the globe y’all

[virtually, for now]

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