A Temporary Cure For Wanderlust (Absolutely Worth It)

Hey everyone! Are you all suffering from MAJOR wanderlust during quarantine and want to escape even for just a bit? If yes, read this post and I promise you I can help.

Have you heard of the Faroe Islands? Where do you think they’re located? What do you think these islands are like? Have you been planning to visit but could never convince your family enough about visiting too? If your answer to this question is yes, I have the perfect way for you to travel (virtually) to one of the most beautiful places.
I would like to give you a little bit of information about the islands before I proceed with the solution. The Faroe Islands are nestled right between Norway and Iceland.


And yes, I have been there too. The Faroese archipelago consists of 18 major islands and a total of 779 islands! It, however, isn’t a very big place. Much similar to Iceland but also quite different, it is absolutely beautiful. For a bit more information and an itinerary for the Faroe Islands, you can check out my posts starting from Vagar to the post which is titled Pictures of Faroe Islands

I fell for the islands’ dramatic landscape, the untouched nature, the beauty, and the thousand of adorable sheep that genuinely outnumber the human population of the country, which if I may add isn’t much. Here, you can experience all four seasons in 24 hours as the weather changes drastically in minutes. 

Now proceeding to the solution. The Faroe Islands have come up with a very interesting concept of virtual tours of the country that is actually led by the locals, and who better to show you around than a person who knows a place inside-out?

Unfortunately, I found out a little late, these tours began on 15th April and are going on till 25th April, however, the ending date may be shifted depending on the popularity of the virtual tour. Since we still have 2 days to go, let’s make the most of it.

The duration of the tour is 60 minutes and you can use the controller on the screen to move around, make your guide run, walk, or jump. 

There are specified timings of the tours and you can go onto their website for finding out when the next tour will be held.

I don’t think I should add much for you to read, go see it for yourself. Go get a temporary escape from wanderlust. It is absolutely worth it.

Here, below I will add just a few pictures for you, just for that extra push to go take this virtual tour, because I’m quite sure you guys aren’t very busy these days.

So go take this tour and let me know if you decide to plan to go there once borders open and when it’s safe to travel, I would love to be of any help.

I hope you guys liked this post and I hope I was of any help for your itchy feet. Thank you so much for reading! Stay safe, stay healthy, and most importantly stay home!

Keep trotting the globe y’all

[virtually, for now]

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