Things To Do In Mussoorie

Hey guys! I’m back with a continuation of my last post. Unlike the last post on The Savoy- Mussoorie, which was a review on the hotel, this post is all about what we did and what you can do when in Mussoorie.


Personally my favourite place to visit when in Mussoorie is Landour. A cantonment area, it is pretty cut off from crowded places and is extremely scenic. You can walk up to Landour or take a car. Lal Tibba, the highest point of Mussoorie is located in Landour.

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Rokeby Manor and Cafe Emily’s

There is plenty of places to visit in Landour, my favourite being Rokeby Manor. The hotel has a very rustic vibe to it. I haven’t stayed at the Manor but I’ve visited twice and did manage to get a sneak-peak into the rooms at the hotel. The rooms aren’t luxuriously spacious but look very comfortable.  

Rokeby Manor has a multi-cuisine cafe called Emily’s, which has great food and I totally recommend it. Two dishes that I would absolutely recommend are the Clubhouse Chicken and their Khao Suaey. 

Landour Bakehouse

Another place I absolutely love is the Landour Bakehouse, which is a 10-15 minutes walk from Rokeby Manor. If you decide to eat at the Manor and then go to the bakehouse for dessert, a walk is a good idea to digest all the yummy food.

Landour Bakehouse is a little bakery with baked goods like scones, cookies, eclairs, etc. They also have books written by authors living in Mussoorie, including those of Ruskin Bond, which you can buy if you love reading (support local authors).

Take a little stroll down the street where the bakery is located, but be careful there are monkeys here and monkeys are mischevious. But if its any consolation the views of the hills are gorgeous, you won’t regret it.


Cafe Ivy

Cafe Ivy is located at Chaar Dukan and has a great view of the valley below. Its got great pizzas and waffles. I have forced my family twice to especially take me to Cafe Ivy, leading to me having an argument with my mother. Twice.

Here’s one funny incident that took place with me this year right outside of Cafe Ivy. I had gotten a slice of pizza packed to take back to my hotel and as I was walking towards the parking lot something pulled at my hand very hard. As soon as I turned around, I saw a monkey climb the roof of the restaurant with the box of pizza that I was supposed to eat. He proceeded to open the box and began eating the pizza by removing the cheese off first and looking RIGHT AT ME. I know he was making me feel the pain of having that slice stolen from me.

Lets just say that I will NEVER forget to hug and packed food box against my chest the next time I take any food to go.


Doma’s Inn

Doma’s Inn is a Tibetan restaurant which I had my apprehensions about because of a very bad experience at a similar restaurant somewhere else. However, the food was reallyyyy good and somethings that I recommend are Chicken Momos, Thupka (recommended by my parents) and Raspberry Lemonade which were really really good.

In and Around Mussoorie

The Mall Road

The one immediate place people usually plan to go to is The Mall Road. It isn’t a fancy stretch of a road, with local stalls and stores. However, its always fun to take a stroll down this road during the evening. Cars are not allowed onto the Mall Road so you either have to walk or if you aren’t someone who enjoys walking much you can take a rickshaw.

Little Llama Cafe

Little Llama Cafe is on The Mall Road and is a multi cuisine cafe. The food there is great and its a cozy little cafe with great service. We tried their Hot Asian Bowl, Chicken Quesadilla and their Tiramisu which were all really really good.

The Clocktower Cafe

The Clocktower Cafe is near the end of The Mall Road and is about 45 minutes of a walk from the Library Chowk.

The first time I visited the Clocktower Cafe was back in 2015 and 5 years later I still vividly remembered it and made my parents walk all the way uphill to eat at the cafe.

The Clocktower Cafe is owned by Rokeby Manor, so the food is great and totally worth it. The cafe overlooks beautiful hills and should be visited preferably during daylight or sunset hours so as to get the proper view of the hills. What we have tried at the cafe is their pizza and their steamed momos (which are a must if you visit Mussoorie).

Chick Chocolate

Chick Chocolate is one of those places that have been around since my parents were 13 (around the 1980s). It was earlier known for its ice creams but now it has a wide rage of desserts and even meal options. Chick Chocolate is one place that people like to check off their “I’ve been there too” lists.

George Everest’s House

We were told that George Everest’s House is the perfect place to watch the sunset. The way to the spot is to park your car at the ‘wishing well’ and walking 30 minutes to the point from you can see the sunset. It is a relatively easy hike so you should definitely give it a try.

The day we were planning to go here was our last day, we were on our way back from Landour and took a detour by driving towards Dhanaulti. We were met with clouds and fog. It rained that day in Mussoorie and we ended up skipping George Everest’s House, but it was a beautiful beautiful drive and was totally worth the detour.

Here below is a picture of how our drive back looked like.


Thank you guys for reading! If you have been to any other place in and around Mussoorie that you would highly recommend, comment on this post so that others reading this post too can get more suggestions.


Keep trotting the globe y'all

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